Our Impacts

"அற்றார் அழிபசி தீர்த்தல் அஃதொருவன்
பெற்றான் பொருள்வைப் புழி.


“ Removal of the terrible hunger of the poor and needy is the best place for the fortunate to invest their wealth. “

This Thirukkural expresses one view of the “Pay it forward” principle towards charitable giving. 
We at the Ultimates Care Trust were fortunate to receive an excellent education together and a prosperous life that this education bestowed on us.
We believe the best way to live by the principles of this Kural is to pay it forward through kindness.
This is our way of investing our blessings, education and prosperity.

COVIDCare Initiatives

Support and Care during
COVID Pandemic

Apr – June 2020

As the pandemic shook the entire world, all of us were affected in some way or other be it health, family separation, monetary, career insecurities. More so the people from lower income strata, daily wagers who lost their source of income and who set foot traveling thousands of miles, all of their sad plights touching our heart. This was the moment, we Ultimates joined hands to contribute and give back to the Society. There was no looking back after that as our initiatives grew leaps and bounds.


To Envision a world where Humanity and Equality prevails and a prosperous Environment exists for all people to live in dignity and security.


To improve the lives of the underprevileged by empowering them with access to quality education, career opportunities, healthy and vital living conditions.

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"Small things done with great love will change the world"

Mother Teresa

We started with a small step towards giving back to society. It has impacted our society in a great way. Thanks to all the supporters and volunteers who made an impact with us.

we shall continue our purposeful journey by spreading humanity.