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Ultimates Care Trust

UCT Team


Ultimates Care Trust has the dream to build a better World impacting change in the Society. This visionary journey is strengthened by its founding members who bring in a rich mix of service track record and professional expertise to the Non profit Organization.


Committed to team excellence


Ananthalakshmi S

Content Strategist, Independent Podcaster

IT & Communications

Ananthalakshmi believes in Giving and doing good for the Society. She strongly advocates the cause of Education for all and strives for Utopian world where all people coexist with harmony and dignity. With Ultimates Care Trust, she finds a sense of identity and purpose of life. She truly believes in more we give, the more we are happier. She is responsible for setting up IT and digital infrastructure for Ultimates Care Trust and is also actively involved in Branding and Social Media Outreach.


Deju Fernandez C


Finance & Planning

Deju would like to return what the society gave him to come to this level. Involved in purchase and validation activities he brings a lot of new ideas and add value to the process of the Trust Activities. 


Dhandapani Alagiri

Tamil Poet, Philanthropist

Policy, Research, Advocacy And Documentation

Dhandapani is actively involved in the Policy development of the Organization. With UCT, he wants to serve people and needy. Active in writing poems and well versed in Tamil literacy, he pens most of the contents for social media with passion. He is part of the Social Media Team that continues to engage Volunteers and Contributors.



Entrepreneur, Trainer

Industrial Connect

Gomathi believes Women Empowerment by giving Women of needy a opportunity to lead a self reliant life with a job. With her business running a training institute she trains women for job oriented skills. She has the industrial connect to offer jobs to many such women and needy persons.


Jayaprakash Shanmugham

Humanitarian, Adaptable

Strategic Initiatives

Jayaprakash strontly thinks that To achieve the main purpose of his life is by giving and making a positive contribution to Society and to enhance human well-being.



Hockey, PET Molding

Alumni Connect

Karunanidhi is a humble mindset person who believes in simple living and high thinking. Even today he never misses to strike his hockey stick during weekends the secret for his healthy lifestyle. Being UCT member he coordinates and connects with needy people as he feels responsible to give back to the society that moulded him right. A member of PSG tech Alumni Chennai chapter where he plays part in organizing technical seminars.
Managing his own business with ample knowledge in PET processing industry & associated machines/new product development.


Mahesh Khanna

Socially Active, Freemasonry and Rotarian

Social Responsibility

Mahesh strongly believes in giving back to the Society. A true believer in Societal initiatives with vast experience in Rotary Club. He spearheads his family business and spends time helping the society in all areas including environmental protection, humanitarian supply and other related services. 


Dr. R Manimegalai

Philanthropist, Career Guidance Counsellor

College Connect

Manimegalai would like to reach out and touch the lives of needy through UCT Initiatives. She provides opportunity to students through our Trust, who are in need of academic and financial support through continual follow up. 


Pradeep Kumar

Golfer, Philanthropist

Strategic Initiatives

The Wise person doesn’t ask, “what have I achieved?” but rather “what have I contributed?” Pradeep Kumar is one such wise person who wishes to contribute to the Society. Known for his entrepreneurial skills and business acumen, there is yet another facet of his personality and that is his generosity and service for the Society. With UCT, he is involved in Strategic Initiatives wherein he handles the Financial infrastructure of the Trust. His expertise and effort is sure to take the Trust initiatives to benefit millions of people.


Raguraman S

Photography, Drawing and design

Finance & Planning

Raguraman always believes in making others happy. He vouches strongly that inner peace is attained by sharing with people around us and making them happy. By being part of UCT he envisions a future world that is happy and prosperous. He is actively coordinating the functioning of the Trust activities, does financial planning and budgeting. He shares his expertise in devising policy for the Trust that would help achieve the vision to serve the Society. His dedication in closely tracking the projects and near perfection documentation makes the Trust function like a well oiled machine.


Rajmohan Natesan

Mentoring, Coaching

Strategic Initiatives

Rajmohan has the passion to contribute to the Society through providing Financial support, Mentoring and coaching for the downtrodden.


Sunitha Syam

Life Coach

Policy, Research, Advocacy And Documentation

Sunitha Syam as a Life Coach believes in imparting skills that brings in positive changes in the lives of people around her. She instills a progressive attitude in people with her learnings and experiences. As a part of UCT she finds satisfaction, happiness and purpose of life by giving back to the society. With like minded team and volunteers of UCT she keeps her motivation and positivity up and going. She spearheads the Skills Training program in the trust that envisions empowerment for girls. She energetically involves in the trust functioning with her coordination and managerial skills.




Project Co-ordination

Sivakumar believes in helping others and co-ordinates projects which helps downtrodden and needy people in and around his place. With Textile business as his main profession, he always looks for opportunity to help others and co-ordinates programs that will help them in providing food and other amenities.


Dr. R.Selladurai


Teaching & Training

A well educated and serving as professor in a college, Selladurai hopes future of this society is students. He always get connected with students who needs mentoring, training and support for completing the studies. 




Finance & Treasurer

Saravanamurali believes in support to weaker society through his close association with friends and relatives. Employed in a Textile industry he is motivated to help through the Trust which will provide them better life and status.


Vidhya Senthilkumar

CSR & Education initiatives


Outreach & Branding

Vidhya is committed to provide help and empower the less privileged people in society. She does quite a lot of CSR activities specially for the schools,  providing a opportunity for school kids a better place to learn and grow as a better citizen.


Vijayalakshmi V

Sporty, Organized, Helpful

Strategic Initiatives

Vijayalakshmi strongly believes that the happiest people are the ones who make others happy. She actively involves in feeding underprivileged kids and ones studying in government schools and colleges. She would like to motivate them to enhance their skills they are good at. Being part of Ultimates Care Trust enables her to reach larger section of the society and execute larger initiatives. Also she is highly satisfied working with like minded people. With UCT, she is responsible for identifying the requirements related to Homes / Orphanages and taking lead in the execution by understanding and coordinating the infrastructural and equipment needs or any other food requirements for these homes.


Vinoth K Singaram

Motivator, Philanthropist

Finance & Planning

Vinoth believes that Ultimates Care Trust is a great medium to reach out the right kind of needy people. With his contacts, he reaches out to many needy and make their life a purposeful one. 


Vijayalakshmi G

Industry Connect

Project Co-ordination 

Engineering professional managing family business is constantly in touch with many Social activities. Helping others is a way of things for her. She brings in a lot of co-ordination with Industry and Trust organization for the benefit of needy. She is a music lover and likes to listen music.