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UCT passionately believes in Quality Education and Career Opportunities that would empower the mankind to make the Society a Prosperous Environment to live in. Medical Aid and Support is one of our social cause that help in providing healthy and vital living conditions. We constantly strive to drive campaigns on Child and Women Welfare. Disaster relief, Sports Sponsorship and support to our batch mates and Alumni are the other causes that we deeply impact on. We believe in leading philanthropic initiative to foster trust and care for the Society.

Our drive

UCT strongly advocates for shaping young minds through Skill Sharing and Knowledge Dissemination. Strategic initiatives in the field of Education, Mentoring, Skill Training goes a long way in pushing the boundaries of collaboration and innovation.
UCT Team has dedicated members who take the Skill Sharing to the next level by engaging with college and school students in online medium guiding them with holistic approach. The Program includes a comprehensive and complete hand holding sessions from technical to interpersonal to communication skills.

We at Ultimates Care Trust truly believe in Empowering Women and Child welfare. We also strive to make impact in the fields of Education, Support to our Alumni, Medical Aid, Home and Orphanage Support, Disaster Relief, Sports Sponsorship.

We thank you for your interest and generosity. Click here to know details of the bank account of Ultimates Care Trust and you could make contributions by Netbanking

Any one above the age of 16 can be volunteers of Ultimates Care Trust.

We thank you for your interest in Volunteering. Click here to fill the form to be a Volunteer.

We thank you for your interest in Volunteering. You could contribute your time and skill as a volunteer. Click here to fill the form to be a Volunteer and based on your profile we will reach out to you.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others .”

— Mahatma Gandhiji